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Why Choosing Substance is Always Better When Celebrating Holidays

It’s easy to choose cute over substance when celebrating school holidays. But our students deserve more. Here are three reasons why choosing substance over fluff is always better when celebrating holidays in the upper elementary classroom. Plus help finding teaching resources to bring both meaning and fun when planning holiday activities throughout the year. |

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Five Little Resources that will Save You in December

Five Little Resources that Will Save You in December | These five teaching resources will help you get organized and keep students engaged during school holidays. Don’t let the hustle during the holidays overwhelm you. Let me help you with organization tips, writing activities, and holiday activities perfect for upper elementary students in the month of December. |

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Celebrating Valentine's Day with a History of Chocolate

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a History of Chocolate | Bring rigor to your Valentine’s Day lessons with a mini-unit on the history of chocolate. Incorporate meaningful and engaging teaching resources during school holidays through thematic nonfiction units that teach important reading skills while students learn about the history of a holiday. |

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