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Celebrate Women's History Month with a Book Every Day of the Year

March is Women’s History Month. Just like the contributions of African Americans, the contributions of women shouldn’t just be taught during one month. Celebrate the achievements of women from all walks of life all year long with this list of 180 children’s books titles - yes, one for every day of the school year.

Whether you’re looking for mentor texts for guided reading, popular kids titles for close reading activities, or just the best kids books to celebrate school holidays, this list is for you. It includes several categories of celebrated women including artists, athletes, authors, creators, scientists, and more.

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Five Resources that will Make You a Children's Book Guru

Five Resources that will Make You a Children's Book Guru | Improve your ability to match your students with books they love simply by expanding your knowledge of children’s books. Staying current on what’s new in children’s literature can be overwhelming with the vast number of books published every year. These five resources will keep you current and help you make book recommendations like a pro. |

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