My Favorite Things: KG Fonts

My sister and I share a love of graphic design, photography, and typography. While I use that love to shape my design choices for resources, she’s turned hers into a business. I have great respect for her "eye" for detail, design choices, and professional opinion. 

While in school pursuing a degree in graphic design, she bonded with a few fellow students who also shared a passion for fonts. After graduation, they came together to create a satirical short about Comic Sans. (One of those friends just so happens to be another “favorite” I’m featuring later this week.) The group wrote sketches about made up characters who mocked the “worst font ever made.” That disdain for Comic Sans extends to me and most of whom I call "friends." In fact, one friend and I have a little game where we send each other pictures whenever we find the font used around town. It's funny what bonds people sometimes. 

When I first started transforming my classroom materials into resources to sell, I spent a great deal of time looking for appropriate fonts for my student pages and covers. Most of what I used in the classroom was created using Century Gothic, and while I appreciated its clear type, I had tired of seeing it on every page I touched. Especially for my covers, I needed something eye-catching, but clear. 

During a site wide sale on Teachers Pay Teachers, I stumbled upon KG Fonts. I was surprised to learn that I was familiar already with her fonts as they are commonly used in nationally recognized products and campaigns (such as Skittles, Silk Almond milk, Way Better Snacks, Ariana Grande's recent album cover, and more). Her store offered a wide variety of typefaces from kid-friendly letters to bold, stamped blocks. I soon had my favorites: "All of Me" when marking preview texts, "I Need a Font" for my version of teacher handwriting, and "Camden Market Script" for promotional materials. 

Kimberly makes it incredibly easy and convenient for buyers to try out her fonts before purchasing. Every font is listed in her store free of charge for personal use. Download as many as you like (be sure to leave feedback!), test them out on materials you use in your classroom, and then decide which work best in products you plan to sell. Commercial licenses are only $5 each and you can purchase her "All Fonts Lifetime License," which includes 345 fonts (!) for only $249. But be quick if you're interested - the bundle of commercial licenses increases to $299 on June 1, 2015. (In fact, NOW is the perfect time to buy! With TPT's Teacher Appreciation site wide sale, you can pick up all 345 licenses for less than $179 and change! Just be sure to use the code "ThankYou" at check out and shop by May 6th!)

To help you utilize her fonts, Kimberly offers several different pairing guides that you can download for free on her website

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Be sure to visit her website for other fantastic finds like these free printable inspirational posters

Kimberly Geswein is among my favorites for so many reasons. The kindness, generosity, and trust she exhibits in offering her resources completely free for personal use, the way she shares her faith by creating inspirational posters, her love of travel, and even her life mantra of "work less, travel more."  I'm right there with her!

Perhaps you've seen Kimberly's fonts, but you may not know that she also has graphic elements perfect for use in your TPT products, such as paper packsframes, and page borders. She has generously given me four prizes to pass along to you: Emily FramesJamie Frames, and two sets of Color Match Papers.  



If you haven't already tried Kimberly's products, I hope that after entering to win, you will head to her store and give them a try. (Remember to leave lots of love in the form of feedback!)



Each day this week, enter to win one of five $25 gift certificates to my shop on Teachers Pay Teachers. And if you missed yesterday's post, head back there to enter to win a prize from Hello Literacy!