School's out: Time to get organized

Organize to Simplify blog series for teachers |

June is here and school is out for many. With summer comes a bit more freedom - schedules are flexible, we sleep in a little later, and some of use revert to our night owl ways. While I hope summer brings you rest and relaxation, I also would encourage you to use this "free" time to plan, organize, and filter so that next school year, and every year after, becomes a bit easier. You'll thank yourself later for doing a little grunt work now.

This summer, I'll begin a new blog series on organization. It's full of tips for simplifying your life and making your job as a teacher manageable. For too many teachers, there is rarely a distinction between work life and personal life. Planning, grading, and emailing all spill into the hours that should be reserved for family and rest. Social invites with family and friends are rejected because you simply don't feel you have the time or because you're just too tired. It's time to reclaim what we've lost. I'm here to help!

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Currently, newsletter freebies consist of portions of my upcoming Master Planner. The Master Planner is the perfect tool for organizing your personal and professional life. I began creating my own pieces after failing to find another product that suited all of my needs. After each section is created, I test it myself, make adjustments, and then send it as a freebie to my subscribers. The hope is that you not only find it useful, but that you'll come back to leave feedback and ideas for improvement. When all portions have been tested, the complete Master Planner will be available for purchase. 

Product Planning Pages from A newsletter subscriber exclusive.png


June's newsletter contains my Product Planning Pages. I know that many of you are beginning to think about expanding the inventory in your shops now that school is out. I use the Product Idea Pages to keep track of new ideas for products as they come to me. The Product Planning Pages are the perfect tool for fleshing out those ideas in order to create complete resources. 



Multiple versions of both the Idea and Planning Pages are included. Also, there are three color options for you to choose from: pink and coral watercolor, blue and green watercolor, and black and white. 



Remember to come back and leave feedback once you receive the newsletter and pages. I'm excited to hear what you think and how they work for you!