How to Get Organized Now and Reap the Benefits Later

How to Get Organized Now and Reap the Benefits Later | Join me for a blog series on organization. Each week I'll teach you different ways organization can simplify your work life and help bring balance.|

June is here and school is out for many. With summer comes a bit more freedom - schedules are flexible, we sleep in a little later, and some of us revert to our night owl ways. While I hope summer brings you rest and relaxation, I also would encourage you to use this "free" time to plan, organize, and filter so that next school year, and every year after, becomes a bit easier.

You'll thank yourself later for doing a little grunt work now.

This summer, I'll begin a new blog series on organization. It's full of tips for simplifying your life and making your job as a teacher manageable. For too many teachers, there is rarely a distinction between work life and personal life. Planning, grading, and emailing all spill into the hours that should be reserved for family and rest. Social invites with family and friends are rejected because you simply don't feel you have the time or because you're just too tired. It's time to reclaim what we've lost.

I'm here to help!

This seven part series focuses that are important to us all - planning, grading, utilizing help, and of course, organizing.  If you'd like to be notified of new posts, be sure to sign up for the newsletter. Newsletter subscribers receive access to The Treasury, which contains all of my exclusive, free resources. You'll also receive updates on resources, blog posts, and other important news. 

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