Free Resources that Will Organize Your December

Free resources that will organize your December | The weeks leading up to the holiday break can be crazy. These free resources will keep you organized and on track during December. |

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be some of the busiest of the year. From schedule changes and parties to end of year progress and report cards - it's easy to find yourself swamped and overwhelmed. Today my blogging friends at Focused on Fifth and I are bringing you Seasonal Organizational Tips to get you through the busiest time of the year. 

I've been an organizer for as long as I can remember. As a child, I found great joy in organizing everything from my school supplies to our family's toys in the basement. As a teacher, I loved when other teachers came to me for advice on keeping their classrooms and materials organized. As a blogger, my favorite posts to write were those in my Organize to Simplify series. So when I saw Day Seven's topic on seasonal organization tips, I knew I had to participate!

I'm a natural list maker. With all that you have to do as a teacher, I have always found that making lists weren't just helpful, but necessary. My memory has never been strong and during the holidays it seems to be even worse. Anyone else feel this way? If so, I'm here to help! 

I've created a few printables for you to help keep everything you're juggling this month together and organized. The first is a calendar spread. My personal planner is designed with watercolor pages and beautiful script fonts. These pages are adapted from that planner and can be used for personal or professional planning. Make several copies, place in a binder, and you have a free calendar to keep you well planned for months to come.

 I've also found it helpful to keep a separate printed copy posted near my desk in the classroom so that it's always available for both me and any co-teachers I'm working with that year. 


The third page is an organizer to help you track schedule changes. During a typical week, it’s often difficult to remember which students are pulled for speech on Mondays and which on Thursday, what time your intervention specialist will come during reading on Tuesday, and what time on Wednesday you’re supposed to cover a peer’s class. But during the hectic weeks before break, it’s even worse.

Support staff schedules change, assemblies are announced seemingly last minute, a parent surprises the class with cupcakes – anything and everything seems to break your normal routines. I found that I didn't have enough room on my usual weekly planner to keep notes on all of the changes, so I created a separate sheet just for them. 



Last is a tracker for recording gifts from students and thank you notes you've written. It never fails - every year I would have more than one student give me a gift at the same time and I quickly lost track of which gift was from whom.

To keep that from happening, I created this recording sheet where I could write a quick note of each gift I received and who gave it to me. The sheet also includes a column to check once I had written a thank you note so that I was sure to remember each one. 



You can access the printables in The Treasury. This is a free members-only area that contains exclusive resources just for subscribers. Simply sign up and download all of these sheets plus everything else in The Treasury

If you're looking for additional organizational tips that are perfect for any time of the year, be sure to read my Organize to Simplify series. It's five weeks worth of posts on organizing everything from lesson plans to teaching materials. If you have an organizational issue that isn't addressed in any of the posts, I'd love to hear about it! I'm always looking for ways to help simplify teachers' workloads.

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