12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Products to Get You Through the Month


My blogging friends over at Focused on Fifth are hosting a 12 Days of Christmas linky party full of great ideas to help you manage teaching during the holidays. I'm partnering with them three days this week and hope you find our posts helpful. 


Today's focus is on holiday products designed to get you through the month of December.


Over the past several weeks, I've been working on a couple of Winter Holidays units on Christmas and Hanukkah. Each mini-unit can be used independently and follows the same structure so that they are easy to use in the classroom. They contain the following:

1. An original informational passage on the holiday. Three versions are included (a high, medium, and low passage) to make differentiating easy. 


2. Three close reading activities. These can be completed as a whole group, during small group instruction, or in partners. 


3. At least two writing response activitiess. Students answer writing prompts using information from the passage and their own knowledge. 


4. A vocabulary booklet. Students record what they've learned about important words from the text in this short booklet. It can be copied as a packet, for older students, or cut in half to make a booklet for younger students.


5. Themed writing pages. Several versions of themed writing pages can be used in multiple ways: provide students with additional writing space for writing prompts; place in a writing center to create holiday lists, letters, or poems; or use to create holiday stories.


6. Holiday bookmarks. A simple, but useful gift that students can use all year long. Copy on cardstock and laminate for year round use. 

7. Answer Keys to close reading practices.

8. Student "I Can" sheets.  



To help save you money, I've bundled the Christmas and Hanukkah units together with my units on Chocolate, Patrick and the Emerald Isle, and Thanksgiving. Each one focuses on nonfiction skills while practicing close reading. You can find the bundle here



Would you like Christmas unit for free? I recently sent a reader's survey to all of my newsletter subscribers. I'm looking for feedback about what types of blog posts and resources are most helpful for you. I'd love your feedback as well! 

I will send a free copy of my Christmas mini-unit to the first five people who complete my 2015 Reader Survey. In order to qualify, you must complete all ten questions, provide detailed responses where appropriate, and leave your email address in the final text box. This is super important! Because this is an anonymous survey, I won't know who has completed it or have any way to contact you if you do not type your email address in the "other" box on question 10. Incomplete surveys or surveys with incomplete responses will not qualify. 

If you complete the survey, let me know by leaving a comment below. I love reading comments from readers! And who knows? Maybe I'll decide to give more than five away! 


Before you go, I have a free Holiday Thank You Notes resource for you. They're perfect for you or for your students. Simply copy, cut, and write! Enjoy!

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