Master Teacher Project Goes Live


Short story is… the project that has been my second job for the past five months went live today! Check out the video to learn more about it and check out the website to see a collection of amazing lessons and related resources - including my first unit!

Here's my longer story…

Better Lesson, in partnership with NEA, is launching its new website today, which features thousands of Common Core aligned math and language arts lessons for K -12. This the first step in having a final product featuring complete year-long courses from the classrooms of 130 Master Teachers. All lessons include not only a daily instructional plan, but also student resources, videos, student work samples, and teacher reflections. 

For now, you will find mainly math lessons for grades 6-12, as this was the focus of the first Master Teacher cohort. The second cohort, which consists of K-5 math and K-12 ELA teachers, is currently in the process of creating and posting their first few courses online. Although you won't find as many of those lessons posted now, there are plenty of lessons and ideas to get you started! I encourage you to subscribe to the site for updates on lessons in these areas once they "go live."

If you have any questions about the site, let me know!