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Ten Powerful Children's Books that Teach Kids to Be Kind

In my last post, I shared my simplest way of teaching the interconnected skills of kindness, mindfulness, and thankfulness. When teaching lessons on character skills, it’s often helpful to start with a children’s book. To support my monthly thankful for kindness writing, I compiled a list of popular children’s books that are perfect mentor texts. These are the best children’s books I’ve found for showing examples of kindness.

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One Simple Exercise for Teaching Students to be Thankful

This November, join me for a series of posts about teaching thankfulness to students. While we should encourage an attitude of gratitude all year long, November and the holiday of Thanksgiving provide the perfect opportunity for sneaking in lessons about the critical character quality of thankfulness without feeling contrived. This first post in the series asks students to reflect on ways others have shown them kindness and then write notes of thanks.

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