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Ten Powerful Children's Books that Teach Kids to Be Kind

Ten Children’s Books that Teach Kids to be Kind | When teaching character skills, it’s often helpful to start with a children’s book. To support my monthly thankful for kindness writing, I compiled a list of popular children’s books that are perfect mentor texts. These are the best children’s books I’ve found for kindness. | #childrensbooks #kindness #kindnessmatters #kindnessbooks #upperelementary

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One Simple Exercise for Teaching Students to be Thankful

One Simple Exercise for Teaching Students to be Thankful | November and the holiday of Thanksgiving provide the perfect opportunity for sneaking in lessons about thankfulness. This simple exercise will kickstart a process that you can repeat all year long. Post includes free printable | #kindness #kindnessmatters #kindnesswriting #upperelementary #charactereducation

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Why Choosing Substance is Always Better When Celebrating Holidays

It’s easy to choose cute over substance when celebrating school holidays. But our students deserve more. Here are three reasons why choosing substance over fluff is always better when celebrating holidays in the upper elementary classroom. Plus help finding teaching resources to bring both meaning and fun when planning holiday activities throughout the year. |

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