Saint Patrick and the Emerald Isle

Hard to believe, but it's the beginning of March already. Where has the year gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was putting up my Christmas tree. And yet, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner...

I've been working on a couple of St. Patrick's Day resources for you. The first, Patrick and The Emerald Isle, is very similar to my Valentine's Day resource on chocolate. It seems that there are always plenty of resources that incorporate fiction books during the holidays, but very few that utilize nonfiction text. The books that you find in the library are difficult to digest in a lesson or two, so I'm trying a new line of holiday-themed resources that feature original texts and close reading practice. 

Just as in the Valentine's resource, I provide you with a sample schedule of how to use the product in your classroom. Each one can take anywhere from four to five days to complete. However, as always, you choose what works best for you and your students. Only need a day's worth of activities? Then just use the practice that fits the needs of your students.

Here's what you will find in Patrick and The Emerald Isle:

Three and a half pages of notes and ideas for how to use the resource in your room. 


1. Passages on The Republic of Ireland. Two levels are included - pages marked 1A and 2A are appropriate for high third grade to fifth grade, pages marked 1B and 2B are for second and third grade students. 


2. Passages on Northern Ireland. Two levels are included - 1A and 2A are appropriate for high third grade to fifth grade, pages marked 1B and 2B are for second and third grade students. 

3. Three Close Reading Activities for use with all of the country passages. Students work independently and in partners to study each passage closely. 

  • Activity one focuses on the first three Reading for Information Common Core State Standards - Key Ideas and Details. Students study and mark the text in order to  answer questions about the author’s purpose, main idea and details, and other important facts. 
  • Activity two uses standards four through six, which are related to the author’s use of Craft and Structure. Students mark words unknown to them and then utilize context clues strategies to determine their meanings. 
  • The last activity asks students to integrate their knowledge with ideas found in the text, or standards seven through nine. They determine the text’s structure, interview a partner who read about a different country, and then use that information to compare and contrast the two countries. 



4. A separate sheet of Thinkmarks are included so that students can have their own copy to keep and use throughout the year. 





Patrick and the Emerald Reading Response


5. Reading Response Activity. Using what they’ve learned about each country, students decide which they would rather visit. In their responses, students explain their choice and support it with evidence from the text.  





6. St. Patrick Passages and Text Practice. Two levels of the passage are included - pages marked 1A and 2A are appropriate for high third grade to fifth grade and pages marked 1B and 2B are appropriate for second and third grade students. If students struggled on days one through three, use this text and passage practice as a whole class review. However, if the activities on days one through three went well, then use this as an independent assessment. 


7. Answer keys for close reading practices. 


8. Four pages of St. Patrick's Day bookmarks for your students. I loved giving bookmarks to my students during any holiday so there was never an excuse to be without one! Copy these onto cardstock and/or laminate so that they last for months to come. 


You also can snag these bookmarks for free here:


And last, I've put together a St. Patrick's Day Pinterest board for you. It's full of links to St. Patrick's Day read alouds, fiction titles, crafts, and goodies for your kids. 


How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in your classroom? Leave me a note! I'd love to hear about it!