oh, doTERRA

I'm at the end of my first month as a doTERRA customer/consultant. I've had successes and I've had failures. I decided that I can best liken the experience to clothes shopping. You know when some big event comes up in your life and you need a certain article of clothing right away? Here's what happens:

Scenario one: You know your size. You go to store A and try on several said articles in said size and nothing fits. OK. So you go grab an armful in the next size. Still nothing. Fine. So you go to store B and try on a new size and still no luck. This continues for a few frustrating hours until you finally find something that fits.

Scenario two: You are some sort of super-human freak that has magical powers to transform anything you put on to fit you and look amazing while doing so.

OK - so I always fall into scenario one. Nothing ever seems to work for me the first go round - in both the dressing room and in every other room of life. Most of what I tried didn't work for me. Most disappointingly so was the lifelong vitality supplements. I had hoped that they would work miracles and transform my pain ravaged body into one belonging to a 37-year old again. That didn't happen. But I also realize that I made a few mistakes along the way - like jumping off my prescription meds within a few days of starting the supplements. Dumb. And I knew it at the time - but still made the choice because I'm just so tired of being so sick and tired. I set myself up for failure and am going to give it another 30 days before saying it doesn't work.

I have arthritis throughout my body - neck, back, hips, knees, feet, finger, and now I think it's settled in my left shoulder. So I deal with pain everyday. I've tried at least a dozen anti-inflammatory and pain relieving meds with little relief. The ones I'm currently taking have lovely side effects that have me constantly uptight and anxious. Each morning I choose to be in unbearable pain - or - deal with clenched muscles and OCD-like tendencies. But, I think life should be better than that. We weren't meant to live like this. Especially not at this age.

Over the past month, I mixed up a few concoctions to deal with the joint issues. Several helped take the edge off, but none relieved the pain. Until last night. I started back to my water aerobics this week and overdid it with the lunges (yes, you can "overdo" it in water aerobics. shocking, I know.). By the time I got home after my 40 minute car ride, I was a stiff, miserable mess. I tried frankincense on my knees and awoke to nothing, not even a tinge, of pain. That has NEVER happened before. EVER. I wanted to cry. I had finally found my fix.

After all the shopping, I've learned that the journey to finding one's fix is sometimes short and immediate, but it could be long and cluttered with a few disappointing stops along the way. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, thought is encouragement enough to stay on the train.