The One Flexible Necklace You Need as a Teacher

The One Flexible Necklace You Need as a Teacher | Stay cute and safe with these fun, flexible necklaces from The Jones Market. Part of my Teacher Appreciation Week Series on My Favorite Things. Win some of my favorite teacher things including teaching resources for your classroom. | #upperelementary #thejonesmarket #flexiblenecklace #teacherapparel

Oh, The Jones Market...

I've known Candis for a while now. She and my sister went the same college and after graduation worked together for a well-known insurance company. (She may or may not have a starring role in the classic Comic Sans film.) Like my sister, she has an amazing eye for design and a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. 

After having her first child, Candis made a necklace as a gift for a friend. The friend loved it so much that she asked to buy another. Word quickly spread and requests for more soon came flooding in.

And The Jones Market was born. 

As many of her early buyers were moms, Candis noticed that babies loved her necklaces too. This prompted her to create the pieces you see today - completely non-toxic, tuggable, and safe even for babies. 



Her jewelry and accessories flatter any woman as they are lightweight, come in all sorts of beautiful colors, and can easily be worn to work, when hanging around the house, or out for date night. 

A stay at home mom during the day, Candis works feverishly during nap times and at night to create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and keychain wristlets for adults and tiny bracelets for little ones. Once she has a sufficient supply, she fills up her store and announces that it's "restock" time. Then the race is on to grab a favorite before it's gone.

Take my word for it and arrive at the party early.

Candis is an inspiration to every small business owner trying to make it today. Her clean design and genius idea for jewelry has created a niche in which she has no rival. Since opening her store, many have tried to copy her design, but none can match her quality, attention to detail, and utter devotion to making everything "right" for her customers. 

She's mastered the art of creating and maintaining a popular Instagram feed. With thousands of followers, she was recently named one of the "20 Best Columbus Instagrammers You Should be Following" by a local blogger. If you do nothing else, become a follower. You won't regret it.

I mean, she often writes her post using her "Oprah voice." Come on.


The Jones Market recently turned three years old. In that time, her sales went from 141 necklaces in year one to 3,000 last year. Her business has become so successful that her internet host, GoDaddy, took notice. They decided to feature The Jones Market in their advertising campaigns and you can find her on their homepage

When GoDaddy went public last month, they asked Candis to be there to ring the bell.

Yes, the New York Stock Exchange bell

I mean, how adorable is she? 

I was thrilled when Candis agreed to give away one of her pieces to you as it's a prize anyone would love to win. Her donation is one of her newest designs, the Almond and Persimmon Jubilee necklace. Perfect for spring and summer.

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After entering, stop by her store to see if you can snag a piece from her most recent restock. 

Today I'm offering the last of five $25 gift certificates to my store. Be sure to enter win prizes from Hello Literacy, KG Fonts, Laugh Eat Learn, and Fancy Freedom Designs too!


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