Learn to Enjoy Life More

This week has been a struggle, if I'm honest. I'm struggling with a few things... today was the first day back for teachers in my district and I wasn't there. Strange... sad. 

But mainly I'm struggling with this whole idea of starting a new business. I'm overwhelmed at all there is to do to get one going and make it successful. Balancing product creation with networking, tweeting, facebooking, instagramming, foruming, pinning, and blogging is exhausting. Coming up with things to blog about is a full-time job in and of itself. I just want to make resources. Do I really have to do all the rest of this nonsense?


And no. 

It's true that in this world we live in, social media is king and if you want to be the popular new kid on the block rather than the unpopular ignored one, you have to learn how to play the game.  (Insert awkward junior high flashback.)

However, I'm losing sight of the big picture. And that is this: 

Wasn't that part of the point of leaving - learning to enjoy life again? Wasn't my reason for quitting not just to make a career change, but to make a life change? 

My fabulous friend KC mentioned this book to me last year. Growing up in the church I've seen a lot of devotion and inspirational books. And several with this page-a-day format. But this one is different. It's like the author knows me. She follows me around all day and then, while I'm sleeping, writes something catered for me to read the next morning. And she writes it as if Jesus himself were speaking to me. 

Ok, I know it's not really Sarah. But He sure does have a way of using this book exactly when and how I need it. And this message was no different.

I hear you, God. I'll do better on the listening part. 

As a side... if you're looking for a short, daily devotional this is fabulous. Each entry in Jesus Calling by Sarah Young takes a few verses and re-writes them as if Jesus were speaking directly to you. It never fails to hit you right where you are. If you click the link, you'll go to her Facebook site where excerpts are posted each day. Fabulous.