Feedback: How it Helps You and Why I am Asking for it


My TPT store following has grown leaps and bounds over the past few months, for which I am quite thankful. However, I'm severely lacking in feedback and I could use your help.

Did you know that providing feedback on your TPT purchases is actually a win-win for both you and the seller? Here's why. When you provide honest, thorough feedback, sellers understand what works with their products and perhaps what doesn't. We see what interests buyers and what doesn't. It helps us to revise what we currently have listed and shapes future products. It's a win for you because it helps you earn free resources on TPT, helps build relationships with sellers, and enables you to request custom work should you ever need it.

Ashley, from Flying High in First Grade, wrote one of the best posts about feedback that I've read. She lays out why feedback is important to sellers, how it's beneficial to you as buyers, and what to do when a product doesn't live up to your expectations. 


So here's my "gift" to you. I'm going to give away a free product to one person who leaves feedback on an existing or new purchase from my store during the TPT site wide sale. If you've previously purchased a product from my store and haven't left feedback yet, the process is really simple. Just log into your account, hover over "My TPT," and click on "My Purchases." 


Purchases are divided into two sections - paid and free. If you've already left feedback on an item, it will look like this: 


You'll see a thumbs up and a thank you note. If you haven't left feedback, you'll see a flashing star where the thumb should be. Just find the products for which you haven't left feedback and leave it! Super simple. Come back here and enter to win. You can enter more than once!

Here's what I'll be looking for. Quality feedback. Not "thanks" or "great." We, as sellers, get that all the time and it isn't helpful. Leave a sentence or two. Or really make my day and leave a paragraph! Tell me what you like about the product and why it was helpful. I'd especially love to hear stories of how it worked in your classroom (those are the best!). If a product didn't live up to your expectations, then I hope you'll follow the steps Ashely discusses in her blog post. Give me the chance to fix it for you before leaving negative remarks on the TPT site. 

In return, I will give the product of choice to the person who leaves the most helpful feedback. On Wednesday, I'll read through all of the comments left on Monday and Tuesday and choose one from those I feel are most helpful. Even if you aren't chosen for the prize, you still win by accumulating more TPT credits. 



I'd encourage you to do this for all of your purchases, not just those from my shop. You have no idea what kind of gift you'd be giving other TPT sellers!


I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Thanks again for your support!